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AI Software and Human Workforce

Artificial intelligence and contemporary software are undoubtedly the future of business. Yet, you cannot guarantee success for your company simply by integrating AI in it. AI as an enhancement to human experience, rather than a replacement of the human workforce.


Understanding AI

When we think of the term ‘artificial intelligence’, it is often associates with the downsizing of employees. A Forbes article suggests that this term is very loosely described today. Artificial intelligence is not just any tech software. It is a program which has the ability to make decisions and judgments based on the knowledge available at its end. Sophia, the AI robot, is an ideal example in this case. Everything it says or does is based off the information available online. The information gathered is saved and then used to improve performance with time.

How it impacts a workplace?

Companies around the world like Walmart and Uber are incorporating AI in their operational processes more than ever before. This doesn’t necessarily mean downsizing. AI software is playing its role in all facets of an organization from training and development to improving the experiences of an employee itself. With the operational tasks taken care of, the human resource of these companies has more time and energy to be invested in strategic areas of the organization. In simpler words, AI is the route to improve the organizational efficiency, by bringing out the best in its human workforce.

While AI is being employed more, the importance of human workforce is not diminishing either. The role, however, is shifting from operational to more strategic work. Moreover, since AI works on the data fed to it, there can be deviancy in results if the data intake is flawed in the first place. The point to note here is that artificial intelligence and tech advancements might lessen the need of employees in some areas, but you can use the same employees in other areas where they can play a more crucial role for your organization.

The impact of AI on business

According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, artificial intelligence has the potential to incrementally add $13 trillion US dollars of value by the year 2030. As AI becomes more proficient in analyzing mountains of unstructured data such as text, image and video companies can learn more insights from the data and make better or even autonomous decisions in budget and resource allocation. Business and employees alike need to be prepared for this trend which is likely to be widespread as well as the regulatory and ethical issues that will come with it. The world is going digital with more and more corporations and cities adopting smart solutions. Always ahead of the curve.


AI is far from downsizing your human workforce. It is about bringing the best efficiency to your company’s operational tasks while displacing human workforce to areas where its skills can be better enhanced to complement your company. In short, you can move forward with both, AI software and human workforce, working hand in hand with each other and still benefit your business on the whole.

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