About Decibel

With 200,000+ employees and expanding on its corporate cloud, Decibel HRMS is your safe, contemporary business digital platform. You can be certain that your company will succeed while your competitors struggle with their antiquated systems, thanks to Decibel HRMS's distinctive innovations, digital automation, and artificial intelligence capabilities. The sole platform that provides BPO with a tool, i.e., managed by your own team or with the expertise of a highly qualified, international project management and service delivery team.

Decibel manages the capacity for all businesses, whether they are large groups of businesses with more than 10,000 employees or startups with fewer than 5. Additionally, we have gained the confidence of businesses both locally and globally by assisting their speedy international expansion at low operational expenses without the need for them to establish local legal entities. We currently serve 200+ clients in 9 countries (generating an average of over 2,000,000 pay stubs annually).

Our Journey

As of today, we have more than 200 clients with 200,000+ employees and our presence in more than 9 countries being The Leading Payroll Processing Firm with total disbursements of over 60 million dollars annually.

Getting Started
Joined hands with Syed Azhar Ali with a vision of introducing
the concept of digitalization in HRMS field
Got our first client converted
British Petroleum with over 50 employees
Converted 23 clients
Successfully converted 23 clients with 4396+ employee base
Launched Decibel 4
Launched Decibel 4 and our headcount increased to 15 employees while managing 30 clients on our enterprise cloud
Mobile App launched
Decibel went complete digital with the launch of Mobile App
Started offering Platform as a Service to clients
Total Parco was our first ever SaaS Client
with 400+ employees
50,000+ employees
Our cloud size increased to 50k+ employees
with  an annual payroll turnover of $10 million
5th Version of Decibel
Launched 5th Version of Decibel for Web Portal and Mobile App
Witnessed Management Buyout and Got a Global Region Breakthrough
Decibel set a new benchmark in the technological industry this year with a successful management buyout and conversion of Mondelez while handling payroll for seven different countries.

In 2009

Faisal Qamar joined hands with Syed Ali Azhar as a partner – introduced the concept of digitization in the HRMS field and the vision was to expand his business idea while being in his home country and exactly after 15 months of pitching in the idea, got the first client converted in 2011, with years of expanding our clients began to rise and today we at Decibel managing 200+ clients and over 200,000 employees on our Enterprise Cloud!

We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are. Max Depree