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About Us

Welcome to Decibel! With a commitment to shaping business better and thriving workplace, we specialize in offering the best HR solutions. From talent acquisition to performance management and employee engagement, we’ve got you covered. In simple words, you can count on us, to help you navigate the entire workforce lifestyle in an advanced yet simple way. Embracing HR excellence is our top quality that drives innovations and achievement for a brighter and digital world.

About Decibel

Decibel stands as a reputable enterprise cloud service, boasting a track record of more than 14 years in delivering HR solutions to a diverse clientele across nine countries, including the UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Global, UK, USA, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. Operating on cutting-edge technology, we have catered to over 200 customers during this time.

Our platform embodies both cutting-edge sophistication and robust security, serving businesses of all sizes with unwavering competence. Whether you’re an emerging startup with a handful of team members or a colossal corporation commanding a workforce exceeding 15,000, Decibel stands ready to adeptly meet your demands.

As the most secure platform available, we have effectively met our customers’ needs and requirements. We have provided them with seamless management of HR processes and the employee life cycle through our comprehensive range of products and services, all within a single, integrated tool.

Our state-of-the-art technology has fundamentally transformed the landscape of human resources, enabling companies to evolve their HR function from a traditional administrative task into a strategic business advantage.

Our Journey

As of today, we have more than 200 clients with 200,000+ employees and our presence in more than 9 countries being The Leading Payroll Processing Firm with total disbursements of over 60 million dollars annually

Getting Started

Joined hands with Syed Azhar Ali with a vision of introducing the concept of digitalization in HRMS field


Achieve the Successful Conversion of Our Initial Client

British Petroleum with over 50 Employees


Converted 23 clients

Successfully converted 23 clients with 4396+ Employee base


Launched Decibel 4

Successfully Introduced Decibel 4, Accompanied by a Growth in Our Workforce to 15 Dedicated Professionals, Effectively Serving 30 Valued Clients on Our Enterprise Cloud Platform.


Mobile App Launched

Decibel Embarked on a Full Digital Transformation with the Unveiling of Our Innovative Mobile App.


Began Providing Platform as a Service to Our Valued Clients

Total Parco Stood as our Inaugural SaaS Client, Signifying a Landmark Collaboration with Over 400 Dedicated Employees.


50,000+ Employees

Our cloud size increased to 50k+ employees with an annual payroll turnover of $10 Million


5th Version of Decibel

Launched 5th Version of Decibel for Web Portal and Mobile App


Marked by a Management Buyout and an Impressive Global Expansion.

Decibel Achieved a Milestone in the Tech Industry this Year. Our Accomplishments Included the Seamless Conversion of Mondelez, Coupled with Expert Payroll Management Across Seven Distinct Countries, Setting a Resounding Benchmark for Excellence.


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